Custom Emblems and Badges

YES we do custom work! Unfortunatly, it isn’t very easy to do custom pricing on our website, so we reuqire you to reach out for us. That doesn’t mean the price is going to be some astronimical price. It just means it varies from design to design, especially on size and color. There are a lot of variables, so if you explain your idea to us, we can usually get you an estimate pretty quick. If it sounds good, we can get you an a final quote on the piece(s).

We are licensed to do most Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Mopar Emblems. Some designs require prior approval which can take an additional week. 

We are not able to do other trademarks owned by other companies. 

All of our acrylic is laser cut in house. We have litterally 1000’s of colors and patterns of acrylic and can even get custom patterns printed into acrylic, which we can then cut and turn into emblems. We have 20+ years design experience so we can typically make just about anything you want, as long as it doesn’t cross into copyright and trademark infringement.

Our laser bed is 24″x16″. That doesn’t mean it is our max size. We can puzzle piece emblems together to do larger sizes if needed. We can do larger runs as well!

We also have the ability to do CNC routering of wood and other materials for signs and such.

The best way is to just contact us with your ideas!