Tailgate Brackets

Tailgate Bracket (Set)

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These brackets, sold in a pair, will replace the factory tailgate catch bracket (the one that holds the tailgate at 45 degrees), except instead of cheap plastic that breaks with very little weight, we are making them them from aluminum to stand a lot more weight! Machined from 6061 aluminum with a black anodized coating. Includes nylon washers. Reuses factory bolts.

Installation: Installation takes just a few minutes. Unbolt the factory plastic brackets. You will reuse the bolt. Slide the small 3/4″ washer onto the bolt. Put the bolt through the new bracket. Slide the larger washer onto the bolt. Thread the bolt into the factory hole and tighten the bolt down, while keeping the bracket straight. There is no guide pin on the new brackets. It isn’t needed for any structural point, it is just to help align the factory bracket. Once installed and tight, they will not move or rotate.