Duck Emblem

Duck/No Duck Badge


Add-ons total:


These are made from 1/8″ cast acrylic. The can be done in one or two colors and 3 sizes. They are laser cut and they are held on by waterproof 3M double sided tape.


Approx 3″


These are general colors. Exact matches aren’t possible. If you want a color that I don’t have, please message me ( and I can try and get it for you or suggest an alternative. Transparent/translucent colors can be used, but you may see glue between the layers. I will be adding more colors as soon as I can.

Lead Time

These are made to order. Typically if the colors are in stock, I can have them made and shipped in a day. If colors have to be ordered, they take an extra week or two just to get the materials in. I will be trying to stock all standard colors.