Gladiator Helmet Circle Emblem

Circle Gladiator Helmet Emblem


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These are 2.25″ tall.

Color choices listed are just more common colors. I can get hundreds of colors and patterns, so feel free to ask if you have an idea! I DO NOT guarantee a color match to factory paint or other materials. I do my best to display the colors, but I cannot refund or exchange because you order a color that isn’t exactly what you wanted. If you want to order samples first, please contact me.

The orange colors I carry are NOT a direct match to the factory Mojave orange. I have 3 orange colors. Neon orange which is a lighter orange that is closer to tangerine. Regular bright orange. Then a darker, matte orange. The darker matte orange is closest, but again, not an exact match to Mojave orange.

Standard Colors
Gloss Black | Matte Black | White | Red | Blue | Gray | Orange | Neon Orange | Dark Matte Orange | Light Blue | Yellow | Purple | Lime Green | Turquoise | Light Gold/Bronze | Dark Bronze | Charcoal Metallic | Silver | Chrome | Printed Or Other Please Contact Us First

For a color chart, click here!