Elite Tailgate Emblem – Lime, Matte Black

Elite Tailgate Emblem – Lime, Matte Black

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This one is ready to ship! Has a few surface blemishes and possibly small scratches. Nothing really noticeable.

These emblems are made from 1/8″ cast acrylic, and are laser cut. They are 44″ Long. Stacked letters are 1/4″ height, flush letters are 1/8″ height. Outlines are 1/8″. They are made to fit on the tailgate. You will need to remove the factory Logo to install. They have 3m Double sided tape, also laser cut, on the back.


These are not hard to install if you take your time. I include template pieces that fit between the letters for spacing. I prefer this method because if you mess up one letter, you have the ability to adjust the rest straight. With cardboard templates that is tougher to do. The templates are made from the same material. They include a top and bottom center point, height marker, corresponding letters for where they go. See example below.

1.These are meant to be permanent and are not removable. Any adhesive has the risk of paint damage.

2.Remove factory emblem and any residue.

3. Clean tailgate surface area with grease cleaner

4. Measure to find center point on tailgate. Mark with tape or grease pencil.

5. Align center points on template with your marks. For height the bottom of template should sit on top of the reverse camera. You may move the emblem higher or lower, but pay attention to the hole locations.

7. Note the marked maximum height on the bottom of the center template. This will give you your height spacing.

8. You may tape the center template temporarily if you want. Having a friend help from here on out is recommended.

9.Using tape or a grease pen, make a guide line across the tailgate. Make sure the line is level and at the correct height. You may want to use smaller pieces of tape to mark the right height first. Technically tape only needs to be under each letter so whichever way is easiest for you.

10. Working outwards from the center, apply the first letter, then continue working one way. The repeat the same process the other way from the center. Each template is labelled with the letters it goes between. Remove backing first. Be careful when applying because they stick really fast. Hold it as close as you can, at a very slight angle if possible to avoid accidentally sticking it down. Press it down firmly and evenly. Make sure to hold good pressure for 15-20 seconds. If you have to repeat holding pressure in various spots that is fine.

Thats it!