Grab Handle Emblem

Grab Handle Emblem


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These are made from 1/16″, dual color cast acrylic. This acrylic has a colored face, which the laser burns away to show the color underneath. They are laser cut (the outside profile) and engraved (the outside outline or letters on some). They have 3m double sided adhesive installed before cutting for a perfect fit.

**Due to the curves on the grab handle, these emblems may not have 100% adhesion. In testing they stick very well, but the very top and bottom edge may not flex quite enough for 100% adhesion. You can warm them slightly with a heat gun or hair dryer to help this. When you install them, you need to wipe the handle first with some rubbing alcohol to to help remove any residual protectant, etc. Apply strong, even pressure on all parts of the emblem.

These are meant for the grab handle interior use only. The material, being coated, has not been tested for outdoor use. DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING ON AIRBAG PANEL!!!

Size is approx 8″ wide x .6″ tall

Colors  (More coming soon!)
These are made from 2 color materials, by engraving the top color to show the color underneath. First color listed is main color, second color listed is outline color. Engraved areas will have a matte finish. Colors listed are colors we have in stock. We can get other colors so if you need something special, just ask and we will try and find it or something close for you.

Lead Time
These are made to order, so please allow 1 week lead time. Typically if the colors are in stock, I can have them made and shipped in a few days. If colors have to be ordered, they take an extra week or two just to get the materials in. I try to stock all colors listed.